Rules and Regulations

  1. Raffle subject to sell of 8,000 tickets. Tickets will only be sold on pairs of (2) two. Ticket sales will be updated on our website and mail orders will be accepted. In the event the Raffle is not held due to circumstances outside our control, all monies will be refunded to all ticket holders.
  2. Any unsold tickets become property of Sissonville VFD.
  3. Some prizes may require payment of Federal and State income taxes before the receipt of the prize. This will be the responsibility of the winner.
  4. All ticket holders agree to hold harmless the Sissonville VFD, all other persons, organizations, and/or businesses sponsoring and/or participating in the Autumn Blowout from the posession or use of any prizes.
  5. Only ticket holders, guests, event security, and officials will be admitted for the drawing.
  6. No Sissonvilel VFD members or immediate family members are eligable for this drawing.
  7. Winning ticket holders will be mailed a list of winner's names and winning ticket numbers. All winner's names and winning ticket numbers will be posted on the Sissonville VFD website at and at the Sissonville VFD fire station.
  8. Winners have 30-days to claim prizes from the day of the drawing at sponsors place of business, or prizes will be forfeited to the Sissonville VFD. All firearm winners will be subject to a background check.
  10. NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN. However, it is the ticket holders responsibility to check winning numbers via Sissonville VFD website and/or at the Sissonville VFD fire station.
  11. No ALCOHOL and/or FIREARMS are permitted on the grounds during the raffle.
  12. No ATV's, coolers, and/or pets.
  13. The Sissonville VFD on a first come first serve basis will randomly distribute all tickets. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to return bottom ticket stub to the Sissonville VFD.
  14. Mail orders are accepted. Mail orders: send check or money order to Sissonville VFD, PO Box 13096, Sissonville, WV 25360.
  15. Identification is required before prizes can be awarded.
*Prizes based on MSRP*
Cash prizes available the day of the drawing.
If you're not present, you will be notified.