About Sissonville

Sissonville is located in Kanawha County, West Virginia. It was named after an early settler by the name of James Sisson. History shows the first known settler north of Fort Lee (now known as Charleston) was a man named Johnson who built a log cabin near the mouth of Tuppers Creek in 1802 and later built a grist mill in the area.

The Sissonville area also includes the area's known as Cicerone, Pocatalico, Millertown, and Guthrie. It runs from the City Limits of Charleston North to the Jackson County line, East to Roane County, and West to Putnam County.

The Pocatalico River, or as it is more familiarly known, Poca River flows through Sissonville. The Poca River runs from its source near Walton, West Virginia in Roane County and empties 66 miles later into the Kanawha River in Poca, West Virginia in Putnam County. Some of the Pocatalico tributaries in the Sissonville area include Rocky Fork, Martins Branch, Kellys Creek, Frogs Creek, Derricks Creek, Tuppers Creek, Second Creek, Grapevine Creek, Pocatalico Creek, Raccoon Creek, Leatherwood Creek, Hicumbottom Run, Goose Creek, Green Creek, Straight Creek, and White Oak Creek.

The first school building was erected at the mouth of Second Creek which was then called School House Branch. In the late 1890's many more schools were built: Allens Fork (1895), Frogs Creek (1895), Legg (1897), Derricks Creek (1898), Tuppers Creek (1897), Goose Creek (1896), and Sigmon (1886). Many more schools were built in the early 1900's but closed over the decades. Today three elementary schools (Sissonville, Flinn, and Bonham), one Middle School (Sissonville), and one High School (Sissonville) are still in use. A new Middle School is currently under construction on Sissonville Dr. at the Huston farm property between Mundy Hollow Rd. and Kay-Neva Lane behind the Fire Department.

Early churches in the area did not leave much documentation. Most congregations met in homes or school buildings. Evidence shows there was a Baptist Church in the Guthrie area in the early 1800's. The first Methodist Church was White Chapel at the mouth of Tuppers Creek, built in 1818.

Many of the Sissonville area families that have contributed to the present character of the community include: Aultz, Baber, Bailey, Baldwin, Beane, Bonham, Bostic, Brightwell, Brillhart, Burdette, Burgess, Calhoun, Carney, Carpenter, Casdorph, Cavender, Clinton, Coffman, Comer, Crane, Crowder, Cunningham, Dawson, Derrick, Dooley, Dye, Edens, Fisher, Fore, Garnes, Gibson, Glass, Goff, Good, Guthrie, Haynes, Holmes, Hughart, Humphreys, Johnson, Jones, Joplin, Lacy, Layne, Legg, McClanahan, McFarland, Mairs, Manguses, Melton, Milam, Miller, Monday, Monk, Peyton, Prillerman, Pritt, Ranson, Ray, Robinson, Rose, Samuels, Shirkey, Sisson, Slater, Tate, Taylor, Tinney, Tolbert, Tolley, Vandine, Walker, Whittington, Williams, Withrow, and Young.

Also read "Memories" by Juanita Tinney Temple - Taken from "Sissonville A Time to Remember"

- Some of the above information was taken from the book "Sissonville A Time to Remeber."